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[A] Introduction In order that a separation agreement between a husband and wife may be upheld as valid and enforceable, it must have been entered into freely, fairly, and voluntarily, and be free from coercion, duress, or undue influence.A separation agreement that is a product of coercion, duress, or undue influence can be set aside.The Restatement of Contracts § 492 has defined duress as “(a) any wrongful act of one person that compels a manifestation of apparent assent by another to a transaction without his volition, or (b) any wrongful threat of one person by words or other conduct that induces another to enter into a transaction under the influence of such fear as precludes him from exercising free will and judgment, if the threat was intended or should reasonably have been expected to operate as an inducement.” Duress that will provide grounds for avoiding such an agreement is a condition of mind produced by improper, external pressure or influence that practically destroys the free agency of a party and causes him or her to make a contract not of his or her own volition.Duress may take the form of unlawfully inducing one to make a contract or to perform some other act against his own free will. duress, the party making the claim must make a convincing showing that the agreement was coerced by means of a wrongful threat such that the exercise of free will was precluded.” [C] –Proof Two factors must be proven to establish “duress” to set aside a prenuptial agreement: (a) that the act sought to be set aside was effected involuntarily and thus not as an exercise of free choice or will and (b) that this condition of mind was caused by some improper and coercive conduct of the opposite of the validity of a patent which is not limited to a certain period after the grant of the patent.

In particular, prior to starting work on his invention, Obradovich had driven the Acura, operated its navigation system, and taken photographs as well written a “Quick Tips” guide.Duress, coercion, and undue influence are discussed below.[B] Duress–Defined Duress is defined as that degree of constraint or danger, either actually inflicted or threatened and impending, which is sufficient in severity or in apprehension to overcome the mind and will of a person of ordinary firmness.Such a prelitigation due diligence practice can help prevent “inventorship” issues from complicating and adding to the costs of litigation.Nonetheless, parties frequently challenge the validity and enforceability of patents during litigation based on alleged inventorship errors.

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