Updating rows using select into

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I have data in a Word table that includes line and paragraph breaks.

When I copy the data into Excel, it splits each line and paragraph I want into multiple cells. Count for x = 1 to rowcount for y = 1 to columncount Active Document.

For any UPDATE operation the array returned will have the following elements: Array( [Rows matched] = "Zero indicates that no records where updated for an UPDATE statement, no rows matched the WHERE clause in the query or that no query has yet been executed."what if i need to know which one of the three occurred?

It's dumb that there is no distinction between the three.

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From Mysql manual: "With ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE, the affected-rows value per row is 1 if the row is inserted as a new row and 2 if an existing row is updated."See: the sum breakdown _per row_: 0: a row wasn't updated or inserted (likely because the row already existed, but no field values were actually changed during the UPDATE) 1: a row was inserted 2: a row was updated If you need to know specifically whether the WHERE condition of an UPDATE operation failed to match rows, or that simply no rows required updating you need to instead check mysqli::$info.You cannot use Paste Append or Paste Replace to add data into a Linked Table or into a table of imported data.The data that you paste from the Clipboard must be in HTML format, such as data that is copied from Excel or Word.SET specifies the Table2 column Name will be updated with values of Table1 name column.Update with Inner Join Example In the example above, NULL values rows in Table2 are updated with Table1 rows based on a matching ID column.

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