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Bearers are usually selected by the family and loved ones.

The main bearers are usually friends, relatives, grandsons, church members or business associates.

John the Baptist is an old ascetic who lives in the desert, wears a loincloth, and feeds on locusts and honey. Following this event, she witnesses the resurrected Jesus. Pontius Pilate - As prefect, Pontius Pilate governs Judea by the authority of the Roman Empire during the time of Jesus’s trial in Jerusalem.

The Gospels differ on the extent of Pilate’s responsibility for Jesus’s crucifixion.

In the period immediately following Jesus’s death, he is an active persecutor of Jesus’s followers, but he later converts and becomes the most active proponent of Christ’s disciples. Extremely devoted to Jesus and his mission, Simon is able to recognize Jesus as the Messiah before the other apostles.

In these books, Paul uses his keen mind and robust intellect to develop Christianity’s first sophisticated theology.

By the time of the Middle Ages in Europe, the "pallium" had become a "pall" that was rectangular and was used to cover the coffin especially as it lay in a Christian church.

By this time, one group of men would bear the body and a second group of men would march beside them in the procession, holding the hem of the pall to keep it from blowing off in the wind.

What is clear, however, is that Pilate holds the ultimate authority to determine whether or not Jesus should be executed.

Barnabas - Praised early in Acts for his generosity toward the church, Barnabas later becomes one of Paul’s traveling companions and fellow missionaries, joining Paul in spreading the Gospel among the Gentiles.

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