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Two, we limited it to one song per artist, with a couple of exceptions, like The Beatles, because they're The Beatles.

Photo's courtesy of rabmlt Stuffy and Nat use the Maggie face mold which is usually unmarked.Other more realistic teenage-oriented films included Tex (1982) with Matt Dillon, Baby, It's You (1983) with Rosanna Arquette, and director Martha Coolidge's Valley Girl (1983) with Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman. You don't know how long I've waited for this moment." After unzipping his fly, she told him: "There's another thing I've been dying to do." Unfortunately, it was all an imaginary fantasy in his head.ribald military comedy from director Ivan Reitman starred Bill Murray as US Army enlistee John Winger, Harold Ramis as his best friend Russell Ziskey, John Candy (in his breakthrough role) as Dewey "Ox" Oxberger who tangled with a bunch of bikini-clad mud wrestlers, and Winger's love-interest Stella (P. When he arrived, classmate hunk Bronk (Josh Cadman) answered the door and prevented any sort of rendezvous between them.Tammy Wynette, "I Don't Wanna Play House" It's easy to have a snide response to country's tear-in-my-beer weepers.But for all its maudlin details, "I Don't Wanna Play House" is a more mature view of a break-up than many of the other songs on our list, if only because it looks at the impact of a broken relationship on someone other than yourself. Led Zeppelin, "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You" It's hard to believe this started out as a folk song. Robert Plant's stepped-on-cat howls and that epic, stomping riff at (recycled so effectively by everyone from Chicago to George Harrison to Green Day) are about as heavy as heartbreak can possibly be. Love, "Alone Again Or" With its Latin-inflected arrangement, this song gives a sense of tragic grandeur to the prospect of waiting all night for a girl who'll never show up.

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