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It can be easily and instantly installed; a live chat button appears on the Word Press as the plugin is installed.

It has a responsive design for customer to contact you from any device.

Click here to visit Ultimate Live Chat to learn more about our hosted solution for JLive! absolutelogo - 11/27/2011 Best i Phone App, Best Customer Service, Fantastic product!!!! So I did a lot of searching the internet for the right live chat support software. Ive used it for about a month, but there are some flaws, it doesnt have an i Phone app for one, it has one made by a 3rd party company but it is terrible and way to many bugs. What I did was just search the Apple store for livechat software. I checked it out on the internet but had some questions. Nextly after the software was purchased I installed Joomla to my server because my website is non joomla but i installed joomla in another folder so I could use this software. I emailed John and he got back to me on a SATURDAY NIGHT! This should be his day off but he was kind enough to help me, not to mention it was about AM! Anyway, to sum this up I couldn't be happier with the product, the iphone app, the customer service and the experience that I have had. You are not spending 20 bucks a month to track, you are getting a lot for your bucks. I am recommending this to all our business owners at Women Are Dreamers Too. Joomla Community, You NEED this awesome Extensions You are tacking site visitors in secs, responding to live chats in realtime, you are in and out of your sites is secs. robertpoirier - 10/25/2009 my experience Hi, My first time installing a chat module. christopherabel - 04/10/2009 Great Support Support was near-instant. An updated version is expected in one week, but I didn't have time to wait. (Especially compared to what is available out there!

Test drive and you will agree, buy and you will wonder how you ever lived without Them WE LOVE YOU CMS fruit -Cindy Williams, Ph. from Wa Dt HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, I am linking our site to them. I have installed several of the upgraded versions without a hick up. First, I have tried the free ones, without success, I am a newbie, I need simple stuff. I had trouble getting the module to work, and John spent countless emails guiding me through the process.

You may only activate ONE of these plugins at a time.

Activating BOTH may cause conflicts in your wordpress. The plugin but no one seemed to like the idea that you actually got something BESIDES free software for your donation.

Above all This one DOES NOT USE NET SEND Command to chat! (This will automatically invoke the messaging program in remote system and establishes connection with your system) More Infos - ```````````````` .

Features - ````````````` -Send/Receive message from one maya to other maya.

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Elle peut ne plus être maintenue ou supportée et peut avoir des erreurs de compatibilité quand elle est utilisée avec des versions de Word Press plus récentes. Enter a simple code to your page or post to create an instant chat room for your visitors. The archive now contains TWO plugins, WP-Live-Chat-Adult, and WP-Live-Chat-Freenode.

Mogelijk wordt het niet meer onderhouden of ondersteund.

Ook kunnen er compatibiliteitsproblemen ontstaan wanneer het wordt gebruikt met recentere versies van Word Press. Enter a simple code to your page or post to create an instant chat room for your visitors. The archive now contains TWO plugins, WP-Live-Chat-Adult, and WP-Live-Chat-Freenode.

Instead a single button sized advertisement was included in the CGI, and the donate link points to our Project Wonderful location to purchase Ad Space in the chat window, starting at One Cent ($.01) a day.

To install a chat room in your blog, simply upload the plugin you need (Adult or Freenode) to your plugins directory and activate it in the plugins menu, as is normal for all plugins. Enter the chat room code below in your post or page to generate the chat button.

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