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Among the most popular conceits of the series is Jarod's introduction to expereinces most of us take for granted -- Oreo cookies, Wheel of Fortune and, yes, sex.

"We auditioned hundreds for the role but Michael was Jarod," says Pretender cocreator and executive producer Steven Long Mitchell. You could see the child in his eyes." The suits at NBC wanted a big name for the part, but Mitchell and partner Craig Van Sickle stoof firm.

In February 2006, Weiss attended a benefit with his former Pretender co-stars Andrea Parker and James Denton for Cure Autism Now.

Weiss and several other male soap opera stars travelled to Los Angeles to be on a Soap Studs edition of Geraldo Riveras daytime talk show, Geraldo.

Audience members asked the actors questions in no particular order and no particular subject, so there was little linear discussion during the program. A bit later, one of the audience members asked Michael if he had a girlfriend.

Michael was asked by one fan what he thought of the female actress who portrayed his sister on Days of Our lives, in which he played Dr. He grinned and complimented the actresses and then complained that it was too bad that she was his sister. Raising his eyebrows and joking, he asked if the fan was asking him on a date. , Rivera asked others in the audience who wanted a date with Michael to raise their hands.

' Creatively speaking, no actor has it better than I do." He play Jarod, a genius with the ability to masterany ocupation, a man forever on the run from the Centre, a shadowy organization that raised him as a sheltered captive.

Weiss assumes an endless array of personae (nuclear scientist, animal wrestler, airline pilot, white supremacist) in an anthology format that is alternately comic, romantic, scary and emotional.

He voiced "The Nameless One", the protagonist of computer game Planescape: Torment.-- Hamish (currently listening to Nirvana's "Rape Me" and googling for that famous picture of Kurt in cheerleader-drag)The A GOP campaign manager for Jesse Helms and other virulently p=376One thing I've never been able to figure out was how anyone could have been surprised by Freddie Mercury, but I have met/heard of several old-school Queen fans who were. The fact that the band is named Queen, and also that in one of their music videos they are cleaning house in ballerina tutus should have tipped anyone off. I read that she once went through a wedding ceremony with another woman. I have wondered several times where closeted gay celebrities hook up.Maybe they all grew up among the Amish or something. The fact that the band is named Queen, and also that in one of their music videos they are cleaning house in ballerina tutus should have tipped anyone off. But she later said she wasn't serious when she did it. Gay bars would seem not an option since the risk of outing/photographs is too high, while the rent-boy you pay a few hundred dollars to can make ten times that selling his story to the tabloids.The first actor up responded to the Youre the only man I ever loved line by trimming his rose down to a thornless bud and placing it in the cleavage of the woman hed been paired with. he's a super genius who was raised in this nefarious place called The Centre. After telling her I love you, too, he kissed her several times.

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