Dating someone with fetal alcohol effects

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In 1977, Matthew was the first British baby to be diagnosed with foetal alcohol spectrum disorder.The damage to his brain in the womb means he suffers from learning difficulties, emotional problems like immaturity, and obsessive behaviour.FAS symptoms range from mild to severe and affect every child differently, but the damage lasts a lifetime.However, certain coping strategies are helpful for dealing with children with FAS and they can also make their lives happier and more productive.

FAS can include physical or mental disabilities, as well as behavioral and learning problems.In the 8th grade, Taylor took a pocket knife to school and was suspended.Since it was a weapon, he had to go through the First Offender’s Program and seek counseling.Cathy Allen, Taylor’s mother, shares that “Taylor has the outward appearance of any other 23-year-old since he is on the high functioning end of the spectrum, so his FASD behaviors are often misunderstood – causing Taylor extreme anxiety and depression.” After a great deal of struggle and perseverance from Taylor and his family, Taylor earned his associate’s degree in electronics from a trade school.Taylor currently works as a lead custodian at an area airport.

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