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Lan Detective, the all-in-one Internet usage monitoring solution, acts like a network monitoring sleuth-hound sniffing every corner of your LAN and tracking all internet activity, including Instant Messaging (ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo Chat, Live Chat Messenger and more), Facebook, My Space and many other online social networks together with emails. With Lan Detective, it is simple and easy to enforce rules and regulations regarding how staff use company resources and how they use the internet in the workplace.

Lan Detective allows employers and responsible managers to access and monitor every email in and out of the company, every Instant Message, no matter what the IM client used, and monitor every website visited (even down to the individual web page).

It also lets you monitor websites they visit to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Lan Detective lets you stay with your children every step of the way while they are playing or working online and as a responsible parent, you should always know what they are doing, who they are chatting with and whether they are doing their homework!

If your spouse touches their nose a lot when you are communicating, then there is likely a problem.

Research suggests that internal nose tissues swell with blood when one lies. Lying takes concentration and makes one suddenly divert their line of sight. Do you look at someone constantly if you are telling the truth?

Most computer users have heard of this law, signed in 1998 by President Clinton, implementing two World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties.

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Lan Detective gives you peace of mind by allowing you to review your children’s e-mails and chat messages – you can even do Facebook conversations monitoring!Lan Detective has the great advantage of being undetectable by users themselves – there is no module or program to be downloaded down to client machines, so your employee’s don’t even know that you know what they are getting up to!As a parent, you are always concerned for the safety of your children online. Some police forces are trained to watch for this very mistake when interrogating criminals. Their stories are too complex, structured, polished or complete.

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