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Unfortunately, these elements don't exist in dinosaur fossils themselves.

Each of them typically exists in igneous rock, or rock made from cooled magma.

For example, hafnium is almost always present in quantities ranging from 1 to 4%.

The crystal structure of zircon is tetragonal crystal system.

However, by itself a fossil has little meaning unless it is placed within some context.

The age of the fossil must be determined so it can be compared to other fossil species from the same time period.

Carbon is naturally in all living organisms and is replenished in the tissues by eating other organisms or by breathing air that contains carbon. This is an informational tour in which students gain a basic understanding of geologic time, the evidence for events in Earth’s history, relative and absolute dating techniques, and the significance of the Geologic Time Scale.Archaeologists use the exponential, radioactive decay of carbon 14 to estimate the death dates of organic material.Fossils, however, form in sedimentary rock -- sediment quickly covers a dinosaur's body, and the sediment and the bones gradually turn into rock.But this sediment doesn't typically include the necessary isotopes in measurable amounts.

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