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Worse still, many of the markup tags are dealing with the appearance of the document (e.g., XML declaration XML comment Root element start-tag (one and only one root) Child element start-tag (with an attribute in name="value" pair) (proper nesting of child elements) Child element end-tag Second child element start-tag Second child element end-tag Third child element start-tag Third child element end-tag Root element end-tag pairs.The following figure shows the appearance of opening an XML document on a web browser. You can click on the " " and "-" sign to expand and collapse a portion of the tree.Create an XML file from scratch or update an existing XML file on the target machine.Opt for safety measures like aborting the installation or restoring the file's original state in case of an error. This XML is uploaded into the web server , but I don't know how to update it through UCCX script.

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At that time, I was also collaborating with another development shop that was using the JDOM parser too, so maybe that influenced my decision too.At the beginning of one of my projects, I was using the DOM parser of the Java core API.After I got more information about the different kinds of parsers, I decided to work with JDOM, and all the old code where the DOM was used needed refactoring.Doing this, I noticed differences in the syntax of the parsers, which was one of the reasons why I rewrote the code.The differences between the parsers are described below.

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