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To promote the third season, they showed clips of Cassie and Charles's relationship to the song "Crush" by the American Idol's seventh season runner-up, David Archuleta.To promote season 4, they are using the song "Avalanche" by Marie Digby.It was approved for a second season, which premiered September 4, 2007.Vanessa Hudgens' song "Say OK" had been used in a commercial to promote the second season.Parents need to know that this drama focuses on a wholesome family with strong positive values living in a dangerous neighborhood.Scenes include drive-by shootings, the aftermath of stabbings, tense stand-offs between police and criminals, and intense arguing between a husband and wife in front of their children.He also guest-starred in the series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and had a part in the horror movie Dr. From 2007 to 2009, he portrayed teenager Charles Antoni on the ABC Family drama Lincoln Heights.

Jim Halterman: Even though you weren't the creator of "Lincoln Heights" you came in early on and successfully steered the ship to make it a hit. Kathleen Mc Ghee Anderson: I've been trying to sell a version of this show for 20 years but I was told that a family drama and particularly a family drama with an African-American family at the center was going to be impossible to sell, that it wouldn't be a success and there was no way it could really sustain beyond any length of time so nobody was ever going to buy this kind of show.

When the show was offered to me to come in as a showrunner and executive producer when [creator Seth Freeman] left before production started I jumped at the chance.

My first writing assignment as a baby writer was "Little House on the Prairie" and I always wanted to do family drama from the day I started. JH: Family dramas are often labeled too soft but you're proving them wrong by the growth in the "Lincoln Heights" audience. The writers on our show and also the crew and the staff [have] come back for all four seasons and these are good people who have opportunities to do other kinds of shows but they are drawn to this because it has meaning to them that other shows don't.

While television buzz lately seems to often be filled with the likes of lovelorn vampires, reality shows and the Kardashians, the family drama genre is alive and well even when it's not creating the kind of buzz that sells magazines and bumps up website traffic.

Over at ABC Family, "Lincoln Heights," the one-hour drama focusing on the lives of an African-American family living in a Los Angeles working class neighborhood, has actually seen its ratings climb with each season proving wrong any naysayer (i.e., television executive) that says the family drama is dead.

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