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Everyone keeps sayin I can do better but I don't know where to find these so called "perfect" men. Even my best friends say he's too ugly for me. I'm not in love wit him I just think he's a cool guy.People value thinness more "as you move up the social and economic scale", Adrian Furnham says. Where food is scarce, tubbier women are thought of as more attractive." That aside, Furnham and his co-author Viren Swami found that body size matters very little in the grand scheme of things.

But there's a commonly-held belief that women are infinitely less shallow.So what is it like to be an ugly man in Britain today?Can it really be as tough for a man as for a woman? In their new book, psychologists Viren Swami and Adrian Furnham claim to have unlocked the secrets of attraction. Pick up any fashion magazine today and you could be forgiven for thinking that the ideal female body shape is that of an adolescent boy.Slenderness (as exemplified by Audrey Hepburn) is regarded as a cultural preference. In poorer cultures, being portly can be a sign of wealth, and therefore desirability.

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