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Joanna Daniels [ Tracy ], Denise Burkley [ Nestor ], Molly Shannon [ Woman ], Harland Williams [ Ticket Taker ], Jill Talley [ Infomercial Woman ], Jim Cody Williams [ Biker No.1 ], Christopher Darga [ Officer ], Michael Shamus Wiles [ Bartender ], Charles Mavich [ Roy ], Jan Eddy [ Big Ed ], Linda Gary [ Radio Voice-Over ] Kurt Fuller [ Dr.She cuts her hair, dons a wig, and boards a bus to a sleepy seaside town -- a "Safe Haven," if you will. PRO: It Hits All The Romantic Movie Marks If you're a fan of Sparks movies, then you'll probably love "Safe Haven." Nothing cerebral going on here, but if you're looking for two people falling in love and doing cute things for one another, then sign yourself up for this one.There she meets Josh Duhamel's character, who runs a general store and is father to two small children. (In case you're wondering, yes, there are scenes of the two lovebirds running in the rain and lying on the beach together.) CON: Real-Life Relationships Muddy The Waters knows that Josh Duhamel is in a relationship with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie and Julianne Hough is in a relationship with celebrity personality Ryan Seacrest.At some point you have to decide: “Is he/she the one, or should I run?!” This can happen any time in a relationship from very early on up to the day you get married.

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Julianne Hough stars as a woman suffering in an abusive relationship, and she decides to take off in the middle of the night after getting in a fight with her partner.He actually GETS ME and I mean the REAL me, not the one I felt compelled to create when I started on-line dating before I worked with you.You convinced me that a bait and switch tactic and trying to be perfect when no one really is anyway, was toxic and that I had a lot to offer a man, I just needed to enjoy myself and the rest would happen.I thought I would be married and have kids when I turned with each year of my 20's passing, I questioned if there was perhaps something wrong with me, lamented on being alone forever, yada yada...

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