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If the label consists of multiple words, separate the words with a hyphen.Click the blue magnifying glass icon to execute the search. Click the drop-down box with the empty check box icon and click "All." If you see the link that reads "Select all conversations that match this search" above the selected emails, click the link as well. Click the "Labels" button and type in the name of the new label you want to assign to all the selected emails., you will need to know the full addresses of both your old and new Gmail accounts.

If you are using an ad blocker, some product information and links may not display unless you whitelist I really like that gmail keeps related email messages in one "thread" for easy access. (I suspect the senders email client is misbehaving.) Is there a way to tell Gmail that I want this email message to belong to an ongoing conversation? I suggest everyone on here 'report' this issue by following the following link;… You can mute a thread, but you can't cleanly merge them.In the "Composing and Reading Mail" section there is "Messages are improperly threaded" item: "At this time, you can't manually merge or separate messages from conversations." Click "Report" and this will hopefully keep this issue in the forefront of Google's minds. One thing you can do: forward an orphaned email to yourself as a response to the thread you want it to be a part of, then delete the original.Threading is when your email service sorts your messages so that all the replies and forwards are grouped together rather than just listing them in the order they arrived in your Inbox.It’s also referred to as “conversations.” The screenshots below show an example of each type in Gmail.

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