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Worldwide networks of questioning theorists persist and grow with each report. In 1200 A D., a new energy began to move within the cultures of the West.

We will try to mention as many of our correspondents as we can within the text of this article. After centuries of obedient reflection within the established order of Roman Christianity, the spirit of individualism and exploration began to emerge.

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His father, Ilya Ulyanov, a local schools inspector, held conservative views and was a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church. Ulam, the author of (1965): "The family life of the Ulyanovs is usually described in terms of cloying sweetness.

However, with the first sub-orbital flight of the privately funded Space Ship One in 2004, a new category of astronaut was created – the commercial astronaut.

While the term astronaut is sometimes applied to anyone who travels into space, including scientists, politicians, journalists, and tourists, this article only lists professional astronauts.

When Kincheloe was killed in an accident (in a different rocket aircraft program), White became the prime pilot and Captain Robert Rushworth became his back-up. Walker and Armstrong eventually were replaced by NASA pilots John B.

The first NASA pilots were Joseph Walker and Neil Armstrong. Mc Kay (1960), Milton Thompson (1963) and William H. White and Rushworth were succeeded by Captain Joe Engle (1963), Captain William Joseph Knight (1964) and Major Michael Adams (1966).

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