Ms word calendar control not updating

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Note: I personally never select “Allow Room for a Picture” because a clipart picture is inserted into each page of the document.If you want room for a picture but don’t want to use the ugly default image, go through each page, click on the picture, press Delete, then insert your own images.Table 1 Note: The Check Box content control is new in Word 2010 and was not available in Word 2007.For a work around, see my: Content Control Custom Checkboxes and Interactive Toggle Objects.It seems to change the reference on the fly from Calendar 8.0 to Calendar 9.0, and provided the user has Microsoft Calendar installed your code runs okay.But it does not display the reference to either version of Calendar under Tools References.

(Well that's better than the following Lotus Notes error message I once got – and I kid you not: *?!

*~*) As a first step, compare the references on their machine with those on yours.

If you see one on theirs which says , you're well on the way to fixing the problem (copy the relevant file to their machine and register it).

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