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In some cases, a suspicious partner may only be interested in determining whether or not their partner is visiting adult chat rooms or conducting virtual sexual relationships with others.

Once your case has been assigned to an investigator, your investigator will reach out to identify the purpose and goals of the investigation.

When any one of these is deficient, one or both partners are likely to feel dissatisfied, and dissatisfaction in a relationship can increase the likelihood of infidelity.

Studies show that although adults in the United States (other than those in polyamorous or open relationships) generally expect sexual monogamy in their relationships, up to 20% will engage in extramarital sex at some point.

Affairs happen for myriad reasons, but one main reason appears to be relationship dissatisfaction.

In general, a successful relationship requires feelings of stability and security, physical and emotional intimacy, and companionship.

Infidelity—unfaithfulness in a marriage or committed relationship—can severely strain a relationship and the individuals involved.

One partner’s affair can leave the other person feeling devastated, alone, betrayed, jealous, confused, and aggrieved.

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