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Keep your Android device safe by downloading Sophos’ free security app, which will help you scan for threats and develop good security habits.

Cyber Dust is somewhat similar to Snapchat, but with a few key differences.

Late Tuesday, users in China could send texts over Whats App without the use of VPNs, but not images.

Nadim Kobeissi, a cryptography researcher based in Paris who has been investigating the Whats App disruption, said he believed The Great Firewall was only blocking access to Whats App servers that route media between users, while leaving servers that handle text messages untouched.

As the face of your brand, your website is the one thing you want publicly accessible. With cyber threats evolving each day, is your website secure? Site Lock is a global leader in website security offering complete cloud-based website protection.

Because 80% of attacks are aimed at those web applications, leaving them vulnerable, simply isn’t an option.

You can get tailored news feeds delivered to your phone, without wondering if your embarrassing love of certain topics will get found out.

Her calm attitude put me at ease and helped reassure me that Site Lock is on top of helping me address my website security issues. Fluker Real website security means protection from the inside out as well as the outside in.

Unlike the newest version of Snapchat, Cyber Dust doesn’t support video chatting…but video chat support is coming soon.

Messages auto-destruct after 30 seconds, and this app is great because it has no character limits on chats.

Questions over Whats App's status come at a politically fraught time in China.

The government is in the midst of preparing for a sensitive party congress while Chinese censors this week revved up a sprawling effort to scrub all mention of Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate who died Thursday in government custody.

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