Who is willie taylor from day 26 dating

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Qwanell Anthony Mosley (born September 29, 1988), better known as "Q", is an American singer who is best known for being a contestant, and winner on the hit TV show Making the Band 4.

He was the youngest member of the group Day26 signed to Bad Boy Records, along with their former label members, Danity Kane and Donnie J. Que was one of the five members of the group including, Robert Curry, Willie Taylor, Brian Andrews, and Michael Mc Cluney.spotted at real world Atlanta auditions 2015 Mosley was born on September 29, 1988, in Rochester, New York, to parents of Eritrean and African American heritage.

On Wednesday (September 16), photos of Taylor popped up on the gossip Web sites.

Taylor sent out a statement saying that the pictures were private and meant solely for his spouse's viewing.

I was in that moment when Willie revealed that he cheated on Shanda, and in the season finale, she packs up herself and the kids and leave!

In late 2008, "Making The Band 4" came back for a third season, which followed Danity Kane and Day 26 on tour, living in a house together, and enjoying life.

Instead of "making a band" the shows focus turned to controversy and drama.

As expected, Willie denied all of Kyesha’s claims but Shanda really seemed interested to know what really happened between the two of them.

Willie Taylor of Day 26 is the latest celebrity to have nude photos of himself leaked to the Web.

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