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As a DMR radio, It uses Time Division Multiple Access(TDMA) technology and is compatible with Moto TRBO Tier I and II.

The TYT MD 9600 boasts 1000 channels and 250 zones with 16 channels for each zone.

Some bands may not be available or may have restrictions on usage in certain countries or regions.

International agreements assign amateur radio bands which differ by region.

The only differences being that with HSMM, such services are community instead of commercially implemented and it is mostly wireless.

HSMM can even be connected to the Internet and used for web surfing, although because of the FCC regulations on permitted content, this is done only when directly used for ham radio activities (under Part 97).

Non-red areas with line of sight may have weak signal and decreased speeds.

Click on any of the nodes on the map for detail about that node. There are a handful of networks around the United States implementing the Ham WAN standard. For more information on what to buy, see the Client Hardware comparison page.

Digital radios were outrageously expensive, and were priced out of the hands of many. Amateur radio operators on a Baofeng budget could experiment within the digital realm without spending hundreds of dollars on digital equipment, and because the UHF version was Part 90 type accepted for commercial use, small businesses could afford to keep up with their competitors and migrate to digital without the exhorbitant cost.

Specific frequency allocations vary from country to country and between ITU regions as specified in the current ITU HF frequency allocations for amateur radio.

The list of frequency ranges is called a band allocation, which may be set by international agreements, and national regulations.

Red "coverage areas" indicate a signal level of -70 d Bm or better when using the 30 d Bi recommended client antenna at 30 ft above ground.

A signal level of -70 d Bm or stronger will support full speed, about 10 Mbps in areas with clear line of sight and no interference.

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