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Disclamer: I am not responsible for errors or damages that may occur from following these instructions.I am posting this for future documentation, for other to see and because these steps worked for me.This is frustrating issue because it occurs every time Windows 10 starts.Users suspect that a third-party application or service is causing this error, but even after performing Clean Boot the issue remains. Fortunately, there are few potential solutions that you can try.Be sure you know what you are doing before attempting these instructions.Update 8/15/2014 BIOS v 1.8 – The Bios seems to be doing ok, although when I first booted back into the BIOS my Logitech USB keyboard (With unifying receiver ) Didnt seem to be working… @daveincaps: thank you, there is no onboard graphics card and no option for it in the BIOS@Othe Hill: the PSU is an AOpen Z400-08FCIt delivers 350W continues, 400W peak, has 10.0A on 12v1 and 13.0A on 12v2The guys at Realhardtechx are wrong. Second link below is to the specs of your power supply. It also should have a 3-5year warranty since that is the way you know the company is confident with their product.

In addition to freezes, many users report crashes followed by Blue Screen errors.

One thing I can think of: I replaced the videocard (ATI HD5450) by a faster one (ATI HD7750). The following PSU is relatively cheap (about ) and has some great reviews: the Corsair CX430.

See the link below from AMD for system requirements. You should be getting 35A to 45A approximately on the 12V rail so that you will be able to even upgrade a little higher if you eventually want to down the road. I am also starting to have problems loading Windows at startup (two spontaneous reboots). So indeed it seems like the PSU is 'overstretched' and can take no more. The PC is pretty old, so I am not looking for too much extra headroom for future upgrades.

First of all, MSI documentations SUCKS, M-Flash SUCKS.

Few hours of research and possibly luck I was able to update the BIOS on my new system.

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