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This list is of the properties and historic districts that are designated on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as a list of those that were formerly designated, in Hennepin County, Minnesota; there are 166 entries as of August 2016.

A significant number of these properties are a result of the establishment of Fort Snelling, the development of water power at Saint Anthony Falls, and the thriving city of Minneapolis that developed around the falls.

After the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the western side of the falls became American territory as well.

The land east of the Mississippi came under England's control in 1763, and then became American territory after the American Revolutionary War in 1783.

Its creator was John Logie Baird, a Scot born in 1888, who wanted to be a soldier in the First World War but whose poor health forced him into long hours in his workshop instead.

Here are five facts you might not know about the man in Google's Doodle, who helped bring you the moving image. He showed early signs of genius Born on the west coast of Scotland and the son of a clergyman, life was not exactly at the cutting-edge for the young Baird.

He is a New York State licensed clinical social worker and attorney.

Liberty Aldrich oversees the planning and implementation of the Center's Domestic Violence initiatives.

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    The earliest inhabitants of what is now North Carolina were the Paleo Indians of the Clovis Culture, who made beautifully flaked stone Clovis points (read about a North Carolina museum highlighting Native American culture).

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