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We move with quiet urgency, creeping to the edge of a precipice, the rainforest falling away into a gorge of riotous green beneath us. “They steal other birds’ eggs and their young.” As if on cue, a flycatcher makes a pass, trying to protect its nearby nest from these voracious predators. I jolt forward, my seatbelt snapping to attention as he slams on the brakes and cranks the car into reverse, tyres kicking up dust as we pull off the road and fling open the doors.This needs to be faxed to 01453 544076 or brought to the first appointment.We are committed to providing a caring, friendly and professional service to all our clients and patients.It is a waste of time, and trust me, you don't want to let an hour and a half go to waste on this. All animals treated at PET Rehab who are not clients of Vale Vets, require a signed Veterinary Referral Form.

Despite covering just 0.03 per cent of the Earth’s surface, Costa Rica is within our planet’s top 20 most biodiverse countries – which, because of its size, gives it the highest density of biodiversity anywhere in the world.

Paolo introduces me to Kenneth, one of El Silencio’s in-house guides – a trainee ornithologist who quit his computer programming degree in San Jose for a life in the Costa Rican jungle.

His infectious enthusiasm has us cooing about everything from the jays darting across our path, to the impossibly tall strangling fig trees that rely on wasps for pollination. If wasp numbers fall, they won’t survive,” Kenneth tells us solemnly.

We leave the toucans and the flycatcher to duke it out, making our way deeper into the cloud forest – though still only around a 90-minute drive from San Jose – towards El Silencio Lodge.

Nestled in a verdant valley beneath the Poas volcano, this peaceful hotel is a great destination for nature lovers, with well-marked trails snaking up into the hills and to a series of thundering waterfalls.

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