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We could investigate the EIGRP finite state machine (“debug eigrp fsm”) but since I’ve already done that and can tell you that it has nothing to do with this, I won’t go there.Instead, let’s debug the routing table to see what it’s doing when EIGRP sends it the route.First of all, every EIGRP speaker maintains a local database called the EIGRP topology table which holds a copy of every route received from every neighbor and every route being advertised by the local system.EIGRP performs its best-path decision process on the entries in this table in order to determine which routes are the best and then hands those best routes to the Routing Information Base (the RIB).

The main function of the RE is to perform route management, using a vastly modified Unix Routing Protocol Daemon (RPD).

We usually follow an 8-point troubleshooting model like the one below: Just like in most protocols, there are some very specific, common issues and problems, as well as their corresponding solutions.

Here in our article on BGP troubleshooting, we’ll be looking at these four potential problems/issues: If the Layer 2 process or Interface is down, it may prevent a neighbor relationship from forming.

All tests have been passed with success with just a limitation on traffic redirection presented below.

This post presents, how Flow Spec is implemented at RE and PFE level.

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