Updating a lamp base with paint

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She enjoys turning off-the-shelf furniture and accessories into upgraded custom pieces.

In this video we learn how to decorate a ceramic lamp base with Simon Leach.

I went through my fabric stash and decided that these two long strips of fabric would work. Let me just tell you something before I show you what I did.

They were pieces I’d cut off the bottoms of my IKEA curtains in my bedroom. You would probably be to know how many DIY projects and crafts I do with tape. Anytime I want to quickly change something, but not permanently, I just use tape.

Painting a leaf or a plant will be the most appropriate for a large jar or lamp base.

Use a brush that will move along the pot and create unique lines.

While searching garage sales most of the lamps were old and quite ugly, or as my mom would say "Ugly as sin". All that is necessary is to clean the lamp of all oils and dust.

Emily Hart, a stay-at-home mom from Oklahoma City and home design blogger at recentlytheblog.com, creates DIY masterpieces.

What You'll Need One gallon Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer Sealer Stain Killer (, for store locations).

One gallon Benjamin Moore semigloss latex (shown in Decorator’s White; , for store locations).

First, grab a small paint brush and then apply paint to it.

Once you have this, start to paint your chosen design onto the pot.

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